Canadian company Datawind has officially launched their ultra-thin, ultra-portable internet device in the UK.

The PocketSurfer2 is a handheld device that delivers the full internet, complete with original graphics, wirelessly to the palm of your hand wherever there is mobile phone network coverage.

Contrary to reports suggesting that this device will give you "free" internet, this isn't quite the case, but you can get eat-as-much-as-you-like internet for £5.99 a month, which, not wanting to be too hasty without a full review of how the device actually works, is a pretty promising offer.

Even more attractive is the claim that the PocketSurfer2 allows you to browse the web in its original HTML layout, with full graphics and Java support on a 640 x 240 colour widescreen display.

Adding to the usability of the device is an integrated mouse pointer, a full format, backlit Qwerty keyboard and five hours of full-usage battery life.

The PocketSurfer2 boasts page load times of under seven seconds over GPRS thanks to DataWind's patented acceleration technology, which bounces rescaled web pages from its servers to you.

Once you've purchased the £179.99 device with no contract or other paperwork to worry about, the "free" part comes with the offer of 20 hours of web browsing per month completely no-strings-attached 100% free.

If you want to use the PocketSurfer2 for more than 20 hours a month, or if you reach that time limit, you are then offered the option to pay a one-off £5.99 for a month's worth of unlimited no-data-charges still no contract payment of £5.99, which you can repeat on a monthly basis.

The PocketSurfer2 is going to be available in the UK in August through high street shops as well as online, Amazon will apparently be taking pre-orders soon.