There were 15,000 tents left standing at Glastonbury this year - the above average increase thought to be fed-up festival goers not wanting to pack up and cart home their soggy, muddy tents.

The issue of waste is a major concern for festival organisers - so many tents being left behind can be a logistical nightmare.

There is a solution coming in 2008, that could really help organisers out - Myhab plans to launch the first recyclable festival habitat.

Created and founded by James Dunlop, a myhab is an eco-friendly tent made from recyclable materials.

The plan is that you will be able to rent a myhab and get the full service – they’re pitched and ready for you to use and then taken away for you after the bands and the crowds have gone home.

James Dunlop identified the problem of tent abandoning in 2005, when his research showed that even then, 10,000 tents were abandoned, and was inspired to design an eco-alternative to the traditional plastic tents.

James won the annual New Designers Award and later financial backing from MINT.

With myhab, James will give the festival goers and organisers the option to go green without the hassle:

"When I spoke to waste managers at festivals, they said that their biggest problem was the number of tents that are discarded. That’s a big part of the post-festival clear up. If I can help minimise the waste and give people a hassle free camping experience then myhab’s done its job."