Kensington has launched the QuickSeek FM transmitter, a portable FM transmitter that finds the best frequency for playing music within seconds.

It can transmit music stored on any iPod to a car radio, radio on a home stereo system.

Kensington's QuickSeek technology scans the entire radio spectrum (88.1-107.9MHz) to find the optimal FM signal to transmit to in less than 6 seconds, making tuning an iPod to a radio easier than ever.

It has three presets, enabling the user to store stations that are regularly available so they can be found instantly.

When the QuickSeek FM Transmitter is being used in the car, it can charge the iPod from the cigarette lighter while it plays the music through the car radio.

The charger can then be detached, making the transmitter portable, so that it can transmit the music to any FM radio within range.

The FM transmitter uses patented ClearFM technology from Aerielle to reduce static noise and enhance audio quality.

It works with all full-size clickwheel iPods, including the iPod nano, and boats a sleek black casing and bright display.

Kensington's QuickSeek Portable FM Transmitter retails at £49.99 and is available now from online retailers.