If you're feeling creative, or just not happy with the digital jukeboxes currently on offer, then build your own.

This DIY solution is called the Music Box and looks as if it has a cardboard case and comes flat-packed so you can put it together yourself.

We do know that it offers a 256MB memory, plays MP3, OGG and WMA music files and you get the earphones, a USB plug and the paper case in the kit.

What is interesting is if this works how we think it does (and with the instructions being in Asian characters we can't be sure) this could really appeal to mad-modder wannabes.

If you got the kit and discarded the paper case, with a bit of fiddling, you could use the techno guts provided to turn any hollow objet into an MP3 player.

Here at the Pocket-lint HQ, we're currently debating what we'd like to make play MP3s.

Considering the recent revival in interest in all things Steampunk, we're thinking it's got to be something made of brass, preferably clockwork, maybe with some coloured glass, definitely needs to have an analogue clock face...

$68.55, link below.