If you're getting excited over a flash drive then you're either extremely no-hope-for-you geeky, or you're looking at the new SanDisk Cruzer Contour.

We had a quick glimpse of this at CES, but it has now been revealed in all its glory.

SanDisk themselves seem to getting a little carried away over the loveliness of this new product, with info in the official press release stating:

"Much like a fine wristwatch, Cruzer Contour is a luxury personal accessory as well as a piece of functional technology."

We'll let them off though – just look at that glossy black top, silver metallic body and switch-less sliding USB connector. Running your thumb along the top of the Cruzer Contour brings out or hides the connector.

When Cruzer Contour is connected to a computer, blue LEDs illuminate the word "Cruzer" on the drive’s top. It boasts a read speed of 25MB/sec and write speeds of 18MB/sec.

Cruzer Contour is U3-enabled and supports Vista's spare storage space tapping ReadyBoost.

The Cruzer Contour will be available now in the States as a 4GB model for $99.99 and an 8GB model for $189.99.

A European launch is planned for August.