These products look like ordinary household devices right? Wrong.

These new products all have built-in GSM, meaning you can dial in to them from anywhere in the world and listen in to room using the GSM cellular network.

The seemingly ordinary plug is actually a 13 amp adaptor with a GSM transmitter (£998.75). Simply slot a SIM card into the adaptor, phone in to the number and the internal microphone will be activated, totally silently, allowing you to hear everything that’s happening in the room.

The real spy-craft beauty with this is that as it plugs straight into the mains, there are no batteries to have to worry about sneaking in and replacing.

Ordinary smoke detector? Try smoke detector with built-in GSM transmitter (£950.00). This dummy smoke detector’s super-sensitive microphone will pick up conversations from up to ten metres away ... just pray there's not a real fire.

Dialing into the table lamp with GSM room monitor (£998.75) will mean you can hear what’s going on in the room from the other side of the world – provided the lamp is in an area with GSM coverage.

This state-of-the-art device has an effective listening range of up to 20 metres – so you can eavesdrop on even the most intimate conversations. And because it's mains powered, it can be left permanently switched on.

It goes without saying that these devices should only be used for the forces of good.

All available now, link below.