Wingspan's iLoad has announced the ability to copy DVDs to iPods and CD ripping functionality for the forthcoming iPhone.

As we've previusly reported, the iLoad is easy to use.

Simply plug the iPod into iLoad, insert a DVD or CD, and press the "GO" button, eliminating the need for a computer "middleman".

iLoad can transfer either the entire DVD or CD or the tracks of the user's choice as well as the album and track information directly to the iPod without using a computer, iTunes or internet connection.

Copying speed for CDs is typically eight minutes per CD, roughly the same as the average PC transfer but without hassle of booting and filling-up your computer just to get your music onto an iPod.

As far as the iPhoine goes, iLoad users would simply plug their iPhone into the iLoad device, insert a CD and copy it directly to the iPhone without the need for iTunes or a computer.

iLoad can delete music or video from an iPod as well back it up to an external USB or Flash drive and even copy content form iPod to iPod.

iLoad is compatible with all USB iPods made since 2002, including the shuffle, nano, video iPod and forthcoming iPhone.

iLoad is $299.95, available via the link below. The DVD to iPod feature is a free upgrade to registered iLoad customers - more info also via the link below.