iLuv, a licensed Apple supplier, has launched a range of battery boosters to let iPod owners listen to music and watch videos for up to 56 hours between charges.

The iLuv batteries provide a charge that more than doubles the life of an iPod, and since video playback reduces an iPod’s battery life dramatically, the iLuv i606 will
be of particular interest to iPod video owners.

THe i606 also has an integrated stand on the back of the case, so that the iPod can be propped up for watching videos.

The i605 battery boosters are a slimmer version of the i606, designed for the iPod Nano – both first and second generation.

All standard connections are provided on the iLuv battery booster so you can charge while your iPod is in the case, and the battery boosters can also be charged when not
hooked up to your 'Pod.

The new battery packs are enclosed in leather cases in different styles and four colour choices of white, black, blue, and a white with a jaunty blue panel.

The iLuv i605 models are £34.99, while the i606 models are £49.99, available now via the link below.