Archos has launched its 5th generation Personal Media Player (PMP) offering users wireless access to make it possible to download content straight to the new player via the internet.

Teaming up with Daily Motion in the UK, at the heart of the new range is the company's new flagship model, the Archos 605.

The new device sports Wireless b and g connectivity and features a 4.3-inch 800 x 600 pixel resolution screen capable of playing back photos, video, music, and television programs that you've recorded direct from your TV.

The model, which will be available in 4GB, 30GB, 160GB versions, will start from £150 in the UK when it becomes available in August.

The player, which is trying to one-up Apple's iPhone due out in the US later this month, supports flash playback and comes with a docking station for your television making it easy to record programs from your PVR or Sky box via phono connections.

The docking station also comes with a QWERTY keyboard remote that allows you to utilise the personal media player's features.

The company has also announced in the UK that it will be teaming up with Daily Motion and Visiware to offer content to users on the fly to download. Users will be able to download a 30 minute TV show in around 20 minutes according to the company's European MD from the site without the need for a computer.

Archos also announced a number of other models in its new 5th generation range including the Archos 105: a 2GB model; the Archos 405, also a 2GB model; and finally the Archos 705, which comes in both 30GB and 80GB versions.

The company also announced an Apple TV challenger, called Archos TV Plus, that allows users to record and save programmes in a similar way to Apple's PVR, but with the added bonus of giving them the ability to connect the new Archos players to the device to take the content with you on the go.