The Axes Voiis Mini has launched in Japan where it is available for around $130. But what the devil is it?

Is it an MP3 player? Is it a VoIP phone? A hand-held IMing device? It's all of the above, sort of.

Relying entirely on Bluetooth connectivity, for which it has a special PC dongle antenna to extend the signal to up to 100 metres away, you can use this pocket-sized device to stream your music from Windows Media Player or iTunes, makes Skype calls (complete with a built-in 500 name phone book) and send and receive instant messages.

Voicecalls are possible through the built-in microphone, the 1.2-inch 65k colour LCD screen handles your messaging (although with no keypad we're not entirely sure how replying works) and there is a headphone jack to use it as an MP3 player.

The Voiis Mini charges up via USB and boasts a battery life of 6 hours for voice calls and 72 hours in standby from a single charge.

No plans have been announced to launch this outside of Japan as of yet.