If you're looking for new ways to damage yourself on the water this summer then the Bikeboard Water might be just what you're after.

Described as the link between water-skiing and jetskiing, to the novice, the Bikeboard Water should be easier to get to grips with than just jumping on a pair of water-skiis and hoping for the best.

The Bikeboard is made up of an alloy frame attached to an Aircell wakeboard.

Science-wise, the pulling force that's created when you're getting dragged along behind a high-speed boat is exherted onto the Bikeboard frame and not onto you, so it should be easier to stay above water.

Once you do get the hang of it, or if you're already proficient in similar water-skimming skills, then the Bikeboard offers great manoeuverability.

Steering with the handlebars means you can create some rather impressive jumps and spins, so you'll be carving up the wake in no time, dude.

The Bikeboard is a lot of money, available for delivery to the UK, link to the site below.