John Lewis is planning to bring back the Teasmade, the Daily Mail reports.

The humble Teasmade, an alarm-clock-cum-kettle for your bed-side table (for the benefit of anyone born the wrong side of 1985) was a gadget extraordinaire in its day.

Hard to believe now with our Nespresso coffee machines and the such like, but being woken to a cup of tea already starting to stew by the side of your bed was what our parent's generation aspired to.

At the height of the Teasmade's popularity, the Mail reports there were 2 million in use in Britain. As of the 90s they became ineffably naff, a symbol of middle-class, middle-of-the-road Britain.

Department stores giant John Lewis, claiming they recieved an average of 12 complaints a day in the run up to Christmas last year from consumers dismayed they could no longer purchase the antiquated equipment, have decided to start stocking them again.

According to the store, the bed-side gadgets should be back in their shops at start of next year.

We're just wondering how long it will be before someone manufactures one with an iPod dock built-in...