Pocket-lint.co.uk has been invited to an Archos event this week and we think we know what it is they want to show us...

Websites in France have been leaking information about Archos's next range of portable media players.

According to the reports, there will be several devices launched in Archos' fifth generation range from the pocket-friendly and affordable 105 with a 1.8-inch screen to a Wi-Fi-enabled 4.3-inch touchscreen version.

A quick run down of what might be heading our way if the French have got it right:

The small Archos 105 looks like it will sport 2GB flash memory, a 1.8-inch screen, have a completely new design and cost about 65 quid.

The Archos 405 is touted to have 2GB of flash memory, a 3.5-inch screen, an SD card slot and be around the hundred pound mark.

The Archos 505 should have a 40GB capacity, a 4.3-inch screen and cost around £170.

The Archos 605 looks of interest with two different versions to be available on launch.

The premier version will apparently feature 4GB of flash memory, a 4.3-inch touchscreen, SD card slot and built-in Wi-Fi connectivity. The other version has the same specs but a 40GB hard drive.

We will tell all after the official Archos info is revealed to us, check back on Friday for more details...