The Guardian is reporting that Marks & Spencer is to sell a business suit for men with built-in iPod controls.

The suit uses Elektex's smart fabric that builds iPod controls in the material.

The controls will be located in the suit's lapel. It seems wearers will be able to skip tracks, pause music and control the volume, for more advanced actions you will have to pull your iPod out of the specially design pocket that has an iPod connector sewn in.

The suit will also feature headphone wire management loops.

This turns a standard lapel "into a five-button electronic control panel" and "transforms clothing into must-have fashion for the billion-dollar portable MP3 and mobile phone market" the Guardian is quoting M&S as saying.

The suit itself will be a black pinstripe, single breasted, two button affair.

The Marks & Spencer hands-free iPod suit will be sold in nine M&S stores, priced from £90.