The Netac A200 FM Transmitter MP3 Player has got a very unique selling point - it comes complete with a built-in FM transmitter.

This means that you can stream music wirelessly from the player via FM radio waves to other sources, such as your car radio or home Hi-Fi. The transmitter can work across 21 FM frequencies, so you should be sure to find one you could use.

Althought this functionality is available for other MP3 players, it comes in the form of add-ons and kits, so to have this technology built-in could be a real bonus to users who would value this hassle-free way of getting their tunes on their car stereo.

Also boasting a 260k 1.8-inch full colour OLED display, 2GB storage capacity, JPEG photo viewer, video playback, FM radio, FM recording, voice recorder and support for MP3/WMA/WAV music files this is a respectable, although not stunning, MP3 player in its own right.

The player's rechargable battery that boasts up to 15 hours of music playback, can be topped up via USB, but to re-iterate that car-friendly functionality, also included is an in-car charger.

The Netac A200 FM Transmitter MP3 Player is £69.00, available now via the link below.