Advanced MP3 Players today announce the UK exclusive arrival of the iRiver T60 MP3 player.

A simple prism-shaped (or should that be Toblerone-shaped?) flash based player this is available in 1GB, 2GB and 4GB versions.

Operated by an ordinary AAA battery, the T60 is cheap to run giving you 19 hours of action per AAA battery.

Advanced MP3 Players has done the math for us and calculated that a four pack of batteries could give you enough power for 38 days of a 1-hour-a-day commute (just made sure they're rechargeable - think of the poor polar bears).

Boasting a simple to use jog button navigation system, the T60 has a 65,000 colour LCD screen.

The player is well supported for music formats - in addition to the usual MP3 and WMA support, the T60 can play ASF and ultra-high quality OGG Q10 files.

Rounding off the feature set nicely is an FM radio receiver and recording function, as well as a voice recorder.

Prices are 1GB - £59, 2GB - £69 and 4GB - £99, link to the site below.