Newly launched by Pogo are the Pogo Drive satnav with integrated speed camera location info and the Pogo Alert camera detection system.

The Pogo Drive is a high quality plug and play satnav system with built-in camera locator. It features a colour touchscreen and uses the NAVTEQ mapping system with seven-digit postcode search and 2 and 3D mapping.

The integrated camera database is updated 3.5 times per week on average - whereas many models update their database four times per year. It includes a "Safety Camera only" mode for when drivers don’t need navigation assistance.

Perfect for anyone with 11 points on their licence, the Pogo Alert GPS camera detector is the definitive speed trap detector that warns drivers of all fixed speed cameras, including Gatso cameras, Watchman, Specs average speed cameras, Truvelo cameras, Speed curb and DS2 Speedmaster cameras and accident blackspots - as well as mobile "safety vans" and mobile laser guns.

And in case you were wondering who these up-start Pogo chaps are – Pogo is the new name for Origin Technologies who have been making award-winning GPS camera locators since 2000.

The Alert is £249.95 and the Drive is £299.95. For more details and full specifications of the Pogo range follow the link below.