Firebox, purveyors of marvellous gadgetry, are offering a particularly bonkers "Dippy Egg Set" for pre-order.

A two part set, the first item is a microwave egg boiling device - "Boiley the Microwave Egg Boiler" to be precise.

Simply pop your egg in Boiley's base, add water to the fill line, screw on the top and bung it in the microwave for the supplied pre-set times for either soft, medium or hard boiled eggs.

The second, but no less important part of the set, is the "Perfect Soldier Cutter" which impresses a soldier-shaped template into your bread so that when it pops back out of the toaster you can cut to the browned on guidelines to ensure your soldiers are nothing less than spot-on.

Gimmicky gadgetry for the intelligence-impaired or a terrific tool for hob-less masses? You decide…

The Dippy Egg Set costs £7.95 and is available to pre-order, link to the site below.