Linksys today announced the availability of the latest Linksys iPhone – the Linksys Wireless-G Phone for Skype.

The Wireless-G Phone allows users to make calls to other Skype users from anywhere in the world, as long as there is wireless internet access that does not require browser authentication.

As the Wireless-G Phone connects directly to wireless networks there is no need for a switched-on computer.

With the help of the integrated wi-fi finder it is easy to search and connect to a suitable wireless network (802.11 b/g), e.g., one meant for free and public availability.

The phone is compatible with WEP and WPA encrypted networks and can store preferred networks on the handset.

It boasts high-quality voice reception, an intuitive colour display and has a range 200 metres outdoors and 75 metres indoors.

The Wireless-G Phone for Skype is available now at £99.99.