This Storm Globetrotter is the perfect watch for any jet-setters as it has a rotating world-timer wheel that sets the time for different countries worldwide, so whether you're in Brazil or Brum, you'll never miss another meeting.

It comes in black, blue and silver with an ultra-wide leather cuff strap, and brushed steel case.

The wheel allows you to see all the different time zones listed around the dial so you can easily recognise the time across major cities around the world.

So, if it's 2pm in London and you want to know what the time is then in New York, you simply turn the wheel so that London is on the 2, which will show you that the time in New York is then 9am, i.e., 5 hours behind London.

The red needle is a second hour timer (dual time), so you can always know the exact time in a second location.

The Storm Globetrotter costs £99.99, and is strictly limited edition; only 3000 watches have been made worldwide.