As Firebox cleverly points out, the Internet rocks. It's just unfortunate that it is accessed on the very same machine you're supposed to be using for work. There is a solution though.

Across between the little red "panic" key the office wits have stuck to their keyboard and the "Boss" buttons you see on more considerate websites, the USB Panic Button can help you out.

One tap on the subtle red button of this stealth device instantly opens a boring document to conceal both your potential embarrassment and all those incriminating windows you've got open.

Surf with confidence. Don't spend all your precious skive time looking over your shoulder in fear, ready to frantically start trying to close Explorer windows - just stick this on your workstation and should the boss venture your way, one press and you're in the clear.

As well as its own boring document, this USB-friendly device can also bring up any other file you select - may we suggest a current work project?

The USB Panic Button is a UK first, new to Firebox and costs £9.95. Link below.