Hot on the sporty heels of the Nike+ Apparel we reported on last week, iSkins are going to be selling a similar version of the shirt from Urban Tools that maybe more suited to your, er, budget.

At only £29.99 (as opposed the Nike's £57.99 and £59.99) they are certainly more affordable, although they don’t offer the through-the-material control that the Nike version does.

Available for both men and women, the predictably named iShirts do offer a sporty cut and highly functional fabric with moisture management and boast a special loop for managing a headphone or headset cable as well as a safe elastic pocket to fit your iPod or phone.

In a choice of two colours - white or black (we're not sure about the availability of the fetching orange you see in the pictures) these shirts are available in three sizes, and the domestically-minded among you will be glad to note, are machine-washable.