Crazy About Gadgets are announcing three new limited edition Picoo Z Indoor Micro Helicopter models for summer 2007.

Available on the site from June, you can chose from khaki camouflaged "Desert King", the stunning silver "Metro Fly" or the retro styled "Pinki".

Getting to grips with a Picoo Helicopter is easy – every remote control Picoo Z Micro Helicopter is ready-to-fly straight out of the box while an innovative auto-stability system makes it so easy to operate that no experience is required.

The chopper will take off, hover, turn left or right and descend on flights up to 10 minutes, and takes less than half an hour to re-charge.

Anyone who prizes their currently scratch-free furniture/plasma TV/fish tank will be relieved to hear that each chopper weighs just 10 grams and measures only six inches long – so how much damage could an indoor flight really do?

The Picoo Z Indoor Micro Helicopters will be £29.95 each.