Beat the pesky neighbourhood kids at their own game this summer by zipping round your 'hood on a Razor E300 electric scooter.

Suitable for use by grown-ups, the handle bar has a folding mechanism that adjusts and can therefore fit adults, unlike some other scooters. This is recommended for riders aged 16 and over - as long as you don’t weigh more than 103 kilos/220lbs.

This two-wheeled wonder can travel up to 15mph which we should imagine feels quite fast once you're on it and clinging on for dear life.

It is powered by a 300 watt chain driven motor that’s neatly hidden away under the footplate and it uses a twist thumb throttle to adjust the variable speeds, meaning you can add a bit of welly when going uphill, while the rear auto-brake cut out makes going back down a bit safer.

As this is powered by electricity, it is environmentally friendly, no petrol needed. Charge it up for 8 hours and you get 45 minutes of highly addictive scooter riding, although the retailer is swift to point out that this scooter is not for use on the Public Roads.

The Razor E300 is available now for £199.95 from Crazy About Gadgets, link to the site below.