iPod accessory manufacturer Griffin Technology has commissioned a survey to investigate what constitutes safe iPod use. The survey looks at where people use their iPods, how they use them and what precautions they may take to prevent theft.

iPods and crime hit the news recently when home secretary John Reid made an appeal to Apple, the iPod's manufacturer, to build in some kind of anti-theft security to the devices. This appeal came on the back of the news that the number of street robberies rose eight percent to 26,600 during the final quarter of last year.

It's hoped that the data from Griffin's survey will identify which areas your iPod is in greatest danger, and successful methods of securing it and avoiding crime.

The survey also aims to uncover some statistics on the nature of street crime where it involves iPods and whether the regular stories of iPods being stolen are due to general street crime or if the iPod is being targeted specifically.

All iPod users are invited to take part in the survey, whether they have been a victim of iPod-related crime or not. Everyone who takes the survey will be included in a prize draw for one of five £100 bundles of iPod accessories from Griffin Technology.