Should you need to do a spot of undercover surveillance this spring/summer then Spycatcher of Knightsbridge, a veritable on-line "Q", almost certainly has a device to suit.

Tiny, colour spy cameras have been secreted into a variety of seemingly everyday objects that the target of your surveillance will never realise are in fact highly advanced recording equipment.

The Book Cam looks like an innocent, if slightly dull, hardback book, the Handbag Camera could easily be carried under arm without causing suspicion. There's nothing dodgy about a man wearing a tie, which is the beauty of the Tie Camera, while the Button/Screw Camera comes complete with two sets of buttons and a set of black and silver Pozi-drive screws so you can select which would be less obtrusive dependent on the mission.

Our favourite is the Baseball Cap Camera, perfect apparel for blending into a crowd, this secret camera records whatever you are looking at – or it can always be turned backwards to really give you "eyes in the back of your head".