European manufacturer MPMan, who boast to be the creators of the first ever portable MP3 player, has announced the launch of the MP-CS155, which, at only £39.99, is one of the cheapest MP3/Video players on the market.

So does it look any good? It's small and slim (42 x 10 x 80mm), weighs less than 50 grams and can not only play music, it can also carry digital photos and video clips so they can be viewed on the go, although with only a 1.5-inch screen it's not going to be the device of choice for watching "Dancing with Wolves".

Music and video can be easily transferred by dragging and dropping downloaded content directly onto the device from your Windows PC. The 1GB MP-CS155 stores 250 MP3 songs or 500 WMA songs and can hold up to 3 hours of video on continuous play. There is a built-in voice recorder and the rechargeable battery boasts at least 12 hours of life between top ups. A 2GB version will be available from June, price TBC, both models will be available from Woolworth's.

We certainly like the look of it in a cheap-electronics-for-all kind of way but will leave it up to the reviews team to have the final say…