Going green is building momentum amongst the suppliers of outdoor equipment. Osprey’s new Resource Series made from 70% recycled materials by content will launch this ISPO. The six products in the Resource Series (four day packs and two courier packs) took 2 years to develop - sourcing recycled ingredients wherever commercially possible: the main body fabric is four times more expensive when made from recycled material than virgin textiles.

Osprey’s Circuit 32 Daypack from the Resource Series contains 18 recycled litre plastic bottles (post consumer waste) and uses other components such as regrind plastic buckles (post manufacturing waste). Other areas that underwent a sustainable replacement programme include the recycled mesh pockets; spacer mesh; stretch woven pockets; binding tape; webbing and zipper pulls. Presenting the environmentally aware consumer with a 70% recycled pack. Osprey’s Resource Series aims to tackle all sources of potential waste, which is why the product hangtags are printed onto recycled card and the packs are even delivered into stores in a recycled polythene bag.

The four day packs vary in size (litre capacity is denoted by the number following the pack name) and comprise: Revo 22, £30/€40; Cypher 26, £40/€60; React 28, £35/€50; and the Circuit 32, £50/€70. The two courier bags consist of the Astro 18, £40/€60; and the Elroy 25 £50/€70.

Resource series Osprey Packs will be available on the high street from July 2007 from the best outdoor retailers.