A motion-activated camcorder has been released onto the market and it's not just a camera, but it's secretly hidden in a clock.

It can only record up to 12 minutes at a time on its 64MB built-in memory, but nifty for any quick intruder. This motion-activated camcorder will turn on and record full-motion video whenever someone moves into its wide field-of-view; then shut off automatically when activity stops.

When returning home, all you have to do is play the AVI digital video files through a PC or laptop. The product has been designed to begin working straight from the box.

It does give you a few minutes too after switching it on, to exit the building. The camera can cover a wide-angle 75 degree view, and using simply plug'n'play viewing for both Microsoft and Mac.

The camera works either through AA batteries or an AC adapter, however the clock needs separate batteries. It's available now for $179.85.