With tiny footprints the sound of a toddler stumbling out of the door can easily go unnoticed, until now.

The RNID Contact Mat will secure all exterior doors to your house from your little rugrats trying to escape. With countless distractions, the mat helps when the eye is distracted for that split second.

The device is covered in sensitive diodes that detect pressure, even the tiniest of feet that have crossed the door threshold will be picked up! It then sends a signal via a transmitter to activate a vibrating pager or a flashing/audible receiver that you can carry around the house with you, or have by your own bedside at night.

If you have cats and dogs, you might want to be a little cautious of the alarms. However, it also has other uses - carers can be alerted when a patient has got out of bed or for its original use - for deaf and hard of hearing people, can receive alerts when someone enters or leaves the house.

It is available for £31.90 from the RNID