Maplin has unveiled its latest "plug-n-drive" technology with its 3.5-inch touchscreen GPS with built-in MP3 player.

Although there is nothing wholly unique about the product's features, with most satnavs, like the recent Harman Kardon incorporating MP3 as a key part of the device, it does have one special advantage. It has a very good and extremely competitive price.

At just £99.99 the A05GW features SiRF Star III chipset, which is said to improve the GPS satellite signals you receive when driving in built-up areas and faster fixes to your exact location.

The touchscreen stylus GPS holds 64MB built-in flash memory with 2D and 3D view in day/night modes, it also comes with a remote control so that even backseat passengers can navigate or play their when on the move.

For the price tag alone this appears to be an excellent entry model GPS, and could bring other units down in cost.

The A05GW is available from Maplin Electronics now.