Harman Kardon promise its new satnav will drive you, play to you and be lighter for you.

Guide + Play is a pocket-sized device combining a navigation system for Western Europe with a MP3 player. It features built-in video player for those waiting for a mechanic on the motorway, playing all the relevant digital files.

The thing Harman Kardon would like you to know about this device that stands out from the rest is it is sleek and stylish, but little different to most satnav units.

It hosts a 4-inch touchscreen LCD display with high-res 2D and 3D maps, All maps are pre-installed on an internal 2GB Flash memory meaning you are ready to go as soon as you turn it on, which is a good thing at least.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t sound like a break through, although Harman Kardon products tend to be good-looking and reliable.

The Harman Kardon Guide + Play will be available in the shops from May 2007 at a suggested retail price of £345.