Well two great easy BBQ models to knock the socks off George Foreman, it may not play music, but it's quick and easy and no worries trying to pack everything in the boot for the family outing.

Fancy a Fold Flat barbeque that packs as thin as a laptop and opens up to provide a 45 x 30cm cooking area...

Solidly made from pressed steel, the BBQ sides provide a built-in wind break, and being so portable, you can head anywhere for an outdoor party whenever you feel the need for the whiff and mouth-watering aroma of a sizzling summer BBQ.

The Carry and Go Briefcase BBQ is the latest in table-top, garden, patio, balcony, deck and park outdoor sizzlers - and it even comes with a carry case.

Made from pressed steel, the "briefcase" folds out to provide a generous 48 x 35cm cooking area with integral wind breaks to stop your hot coals blowing all over the place.

The carry bag is tough and comes with a shoulder strap, so it's a breeze to whisk off to your perfect BBQ spot.

Good prices too:
Fold Flat BBQ: £19.95
Carry & Go Briefcase BBQ: £24.95