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(Pocket-lint) - Fancy a toilet with a difference, or a toilet that does things to keep you occupied while on the throne - here is the latest Japanese invention.

Japanese toilet manufacturer Inax has just released their 2007 Satis Asteo Washlet toilet. The new throne for your home is moving on to include the most fashionable electronics.

The toilet has an SD card, pre-loaded with Bach, Chopin and Mendelsohn. A sensor activates the tunes when you use the toilet, and can drown out the sounds of any unpleasant expulsions.

It's been given a makeover with a smoothly-designed exterior of the basin so it is easy to clean, absent of the dust- and grime-collecting nooks and crannies present in many standard toilets.

Another sensor figures out whether you're going to need the seat up or down and motorises it into the appropriate position. After you leave, it automatically places the seat in the down position if it was up, very similar to the Future Toliet Company's recent design.

Plus, if you get lost in the dark or cannot see the basin for peeing, a nightlight in the bowl helps guide you during those early morning or drunkard emergencies. However this may make things worse if you've eaten something dodgy.

Writing by Amber Maitland. Originally published on 26 April 2007.