Medion has today announced the launch of a new satnav device called the GoPal S2310 that can be connected to Google's Google Earth application.

The new model from the company that last week announced its first UMPC device will allow users the ability to upload, track and store a specific section of their route as often as they wish, even over extended periods of time.

When transferred to Google Earth, these separate files are joined and highlighted in different colours to show a complete route.

The GoPal S2310 features a 2.8-inch colour TFT touchscreen and comes bundled with a pair of Sennheiser headphones, as well as, preinstalled Western European Navteq maps over 60 points of interest and an integrated GPS receiver alongside an MP3 player, photo viewer and Bluetooth technology.

No word on price as yet, however the new model will be available next month.