The tester was 2005 WCT number 7 Nathan Hedge, The Hog, who said “It’s one out of the box, it feels sooo good! You keep really warm, even on the low setting and it just keeps you feeling warm all over throughout".

If you ever thought there was a better way of keeping warm rather than taking a few gulps of whiskey before going under, the H-Bomb from Rip Curl could be the answer to your diving experiences.

Claimed to be the first power heated wetsuit, the H-Bomb has two temperature settings Low: 50 – 55C (120 – 130F) and High: 60 – 65C (140 – 150F). The heat is positioned on your upper back that will heat your core and pass warm blood around your body.

It works by generating heat from two coated fibre elements positioned on your upper back. The elements conduct electricity that generate the heat which warms the blood. We're advised there's no metal or electromagnetic field in the device. To spread the heat evenly a thin layer of neoprene lies between the elements.

Two Polymer Lithium Ion 7.2v batteries power it; Rip Curl has assure us there is no danger of exposure to these batteries by radiation, electric shock or explosion. The batteries are positioned on your lower back where they are cushioned against your body by a layer of neoprene sponge.

We are yet to receive prices and availability.