Bill Wyman who professed his love for metal detecting in a letter to the editor of The Times last month has now gone one step further and launched his own range.

Taking on George Foreman, Bill has announced his new product that is light-weight with "significant performance levels", ideal for any treasure hunter.

The man is attempting to bring the cool to metal detecting: “Metal-detecting is not just for anoraks or eccentrics; it’s probably the best and the most enjoyable way of learning about our history”.

There’s apparently no intensive training manual or geeky jargon to slow you down. As you head off on your metal-detecting adventure, you can select between field or beach settings to get the best coverage depending on the terrain.

With your metal-detector turned on, a high-pitched tone is emitted to tell you if you are hovering over a good target like gold or a low pitch tone indicating a bad target like iron.

All you do then is use the detectors rear struts to keep it propped up and begin making your treasure dig.

They are available now for £125 from his website.