An ingenious design has cropped up all across the net from an individual who has combined WiFi with music and album artwork.

The Digital Jewel Box concept brings back artwork to albums and singles in the digital age. If you have missed pulling out the record sleeves or flicking through CD covers then this maybe the answer.

It sits in a dock and syncs with your music collection, loading the artwork and pulling down liner notes and lyrics.

The Digital Jewel Box also doubles as an infrared remote, letting you control the song, and if you change albums, it senses that, showing you the next album's liner notes and track listings as well. It also works as a digital picture frame when the music is off.

The only problem is, this great idea is an ideal concept yet to be designed or a prototype trialled.

If you have the technological know-how you might be able to get in first with a similar design.

We will keep you posted if it become available.