For music fanatics SanDisk has announced a new partnership with Yahoo Music bringing immediate downloads to its MP3 players, without a PC.

The new Sansa Connect flash-based Wi-Fi-enabled MP3 player, currently only being launched in the US, will access several Yahoo features through open Wi-Fi connections. It will mean users can discover and download music, as well as listen to or download tracks their friends nearby are listening to or have recommended.

Using a Yahoo ID it will be possible to connect to Yahoo Messenger friends and other Sansa Connect owners within the wireless range, listen to LAUNCHcast Internet radio, plus browse Flickr sets and photos.

SanDisk’s new MP3 player will be available on a Yahoo subscription service.

Even when Sansa Connect is not connected to a Wi-Fi network, the player behaves like a traditional Flash MP3 player and can be connected to a PC.

Users will also be able to play music and view photos stored either on the player or on an optional microSD card.