The Flora London Marathon might be days away, but before you think of your excuse not to race, one American astronaut is taking the phrase "I'll do it" to the extreme.

Not to be put off by a little distance, flight engineer Sunita Williams will partake in the Boston Marathon a week before on 16 April in space.

Strapped to a specially designed treadmill in the international space station, it will be the first time that an astronaut in orbit will be officially attempting to traverse the Boston Marathon’s gruelling 26.2 miles.

Williams prepared for the race by running the January 2006 Chevron Houston Marathon in 3 hours and 29 minutes.

“I considered it a huge honour to qualify and I didn’t want my qualification to expire without giving it a shot”, revealed Williams in an official statement.

Williams is expected to return in the Summer where hopefully she will be able to pick up her finishers medal.