They might get technology launches before us, but the US has lost its position as the world's number one innovator of technology.

In a new league table by the World Economic Forum, America is now ranked a lowly seventh.

The top spot went for the first time to Denmark with the UK coming in an even lower ninth place.

The report, published this week blames a deterioration of the political and regulatory environment in the US prompted the fall, the report said.

Countries were judged on technological advancements in general business, the infrastructure available and the extent to which government policy creates a framework necessary for economic development and increased competitiveness.

"Denmark, in particular, has benefited from the very effective government e-leadership, reflected in early liberalisation of the telecommunications sector, a first-rate regulatory environment and large availability of e-government services", Irene Mia, senior economist at World Economic Forum told the BBC.

The list in full:

1: Denmark (3)
2: Sweden (8)
3: Singapore (2)
4: Finland (5)
5: Switzerland (9)
6: Netherlands (12)
7: US (1)
8: Iceland (4)
9: UK (10)
10: Norway (13)