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(Pocket-lint) - Dutch brand Skins Mobile has launched a condom for mobile phones. The Skins Mobile allows continued use of your mobile phone whilst at the same time delivering waterproof protection. The concept was the brain-child of Rogier van Camp who had the idea while painting a swimming pool.

Van Camp’s job meant that his hands were often dirty making it difficult to make and receive calls without damaging his mobile phone, a condom was the logical answer.

Straightforward to use the Skins Mobile Protection condom is slipped over the phone and knotted at the end for absolute protection (Van Camp’s party trick is to jump into a pool with his phone in his pocket then make a call).

Mobile phones work well while encased in a Skins Mobile with around 3% audio impairment and little or no loss of signal strength. Skins Mobile Protection can be used on the majority of mobile phones including flip and slide phones and will protect against sand and grit, showers and splashes.

Condoms have been used for all sorts of things over the years including gun protection in the Gulf War and World War II: soldiers would pop a condom over the barrels of guns in order to protect from the wet and sand.

Colours – yellow, blue, orange, green, pink; SRP - 3 pack £2.99; SRP - 6 pack £5.99. Cheap as chips.

Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published on 27 March 2007.