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(Pocket-lint) - Blacks have teamed up with HealthGuard on an exciting new range of Constellation tents. The diverse range of seven tents are great whether you’re on a two man trek, or part of a bigger group looking for a base camp.

All tents within the range have been improved from 2006 and include an exclusive internal LED lighting system. All of the tents in the range have been treated with Grangers extreme UV and DWR (Durable Water Repellancy) treatments for optimum performance in differing weather conditions - additionally they have a sun protection factor of 30+.

By working with HealthGuard, the tents have also been treated to provide antibacterial and an antibug protection, providing a defence against most biting insects.

Available in five different sizes, from intimate two person tents through to eight person group tents with living areas, the Blacks range provides everything you need for a good night’s sleep when exploring the great outdoors.

The two man tents include the Cygnus (£74.99), ideal for general camping and backpacking and the Crux (£79.99), a two man lightweight tent great for backpacking and trekking.

The range of three man tents are best suited for ‘adventure campers’ who need the extra space that the porch area offers for storing equipment. The Lupus (£94.99) is a three man dome tent that also has a porch area. Suitable for cycle tours and general camping. The Aquila (£99.99) is a three man tent with porch and multiple entrances.

Groups of friends who need their own space as well as a community area will be interested in the larger group tents, including the Serpens (£189.99), a four person, family tunnel tent, great for group trips. The Tucana (£219.99) is a six person, family tent, with three entrances, three bedrooms and a spacious living area. Finally the Volans (£249.99) is an eight person, family tunnel tent with attached canopy and multiple entrances. The three bedrooms comfortably sleep eight people, as well as a large living area for more communal times.

Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published on 12 March 2007.