And now, Pocket-lint's second featured alarm clock of the day.

This model from Voco promises to way you with the gentle and soothing voice of Jeeves, aka Stephen Fry.

Every morning it wakes you with a different phrase that will most likely wake you with a laugh. There are 49 different statements, which, if you turn it off at weekends, won't repeat itself for almost three months.

Features of the clock include a beep-beeping alarm that goes off after the wakeup call, and a 90-second relaxation exercise narrated by Jeeves: "Now it's time for Sir to sleep. We go relax, do we not, we go down, counting from 10..."

Some of the wake up messages include:

"Good morning, Sir. The prime minister phoned again. I told him you were not available. We shan't be treated like THAT again!"

"A gentleman from Berkeley Hathaway is waiting to see you, Sir. He is offering a job in the Bahamas with a salary of seventy-two million dollars a year."

It's available for £25.95.