Oh the weird and wonderful gadgets that appear when you least expect them. How about a combined robot pet, PC, and air freshener?

The prototype is one of the entries to a Microsoft design competition, and is simply called the Pussy Cat.

It's designed as a moving computer that will come immediately when called, and has two modes: Personal Computer Mode and Pussy Cat Mode.

In PC Mode, you can watch video, listen to music, play games, etc, while in Pussy Cat mode, the thing is designed to move around the home.

Incorporated face recognition technology means that it can "see" you and greet you appropriately.

Its four little feet are illuminated in different colours, and in a stroke of genius, the thing toddles off for a recharge when the battery gets low.

In addition, according to the blurb, "It is an air refresher for making fresh environment".

Doubtful if this will ever make it to store shelves, but who knows.