Is your kitchen looking dull? Tired of your boring white microwave? Thought you were.

Whirpool has thought you must be bored too and launched a range of coloured microwaves to spruce up your kitchen.

Supposedly mirroring the trend of the runways of London Fashion Week, whose models paraded vibrant colours from electric blues to yellows and fuchsia pinks the company has decided that its microwaves should "Bring the hottest catwalk looks to your kitchen".

The rounded shape according to Whirlpool allows it to slot onto any kitchen surface and even small corners, and it even sports a unique "crisp plate" system to avoid burning and "jet defrost" which is up to five time faster than conventional microwaves, to help you prepare delicious and healthy food.

The models (see what we've done there), will be available at John Lewis from May, in black, silver, baby blue and raspberry red.