South Korea is well known for being the producer of and market for the latest and greatest high-tech gadgets, most of which never make it outside of Asian markets.

It's no surprise, then, that its government has released a survey that says by 2015, you'll be able to "smell" what you see via the internet.

The survey canvassed the opinions and predictions of 3500 "technology experts" in South Korea.

Judging by the rate of technological progress and innovation, the scientists predicted that by 2012, your mobile phone battery will last up to 2 months without a recharge, while by 2018, it'll be a robot that's operating on you, rather than a human surgeon.

So how will you be able to smell from the internet? The scientists say that the Internet will deliver some sort of signal to a fragrance cartridge sitting near your computer, so that it emits a certain scent related to what you're doing on the net.

In addition, our soldiers will be better predicted as by 2015 they'll be wearing bulletproof armour that camouflages perfectly to their surroundings.