Gizoo has announced that it will be selling Mecanno's new robotic set Spyke, but robotics fans keen to get their hands on the new Lego's Mindstorm competitor will have to wait until September.

In an attempt to build up a frenzy of pre-orders, UK gadget shop Gizoo has said the it will sell the new robot set for £195.99 later this year.

The set will connect to your computer via a Wi-Fi connection that will allow you to control him from anywhere in the world via the Internet.

Spyke comes with a video camera, a microphone, a loudspeaker and two motors and as well as being used as a spy bot can also be used as a VOIP phone and webcam and is compatible with Skype's latest VoIP software - version 3.0 (PC).

Additional to the in-built MP3 player, the robot also comes with motion sensors so it can move into action when movement is detected and either sound the alarm or send you a picture via email.

Like some automated vacuum cleaners, when the battery charge gets low, Spyke returns back to his recharging station automatically.

Instructions in the box include three different robots out of the 210 parts and it's also compatible with all Meccano parts currently available on the market.