It seems that the iPod's use as gym bunnies' favourite workout aid has not escaped the notice of exercise equipment manufacturers.

Life Fitness has announced that it will start to integrate iPod sockets into its latest products.

The connectivity will mean that iPod owners can charge their devices, watch video stored on the iPod on the equipments' LCD screens, and control their multimedia on the machine's console.

Menu screens and options on the iPod will also appear on the equipment's LCD screen.

"We are excited to introduce products that take the integrated entertainment experience to the next level", said John Stransky, president of Life Fitness.

"In the last decade Life Fitness has led the revolution in merging entertainment with exercise equipment, so it's only fitting for us to offer integration with the iPod, which many of our customers use while they exercise."

And when you're done with your workout, you can get into your Ford and plug your iPod into your stereo system.