Pioneer has launched a new line-up of in-car sound system, which this year includes an all-in-one satnav device.

The AVIC-D3BT, which will be available in March, is designed to be installed as your satnav and stereo system.

It connects with most MP3 players, including iPods, to let you play stored tracks, and also accepts MP3 CDs and even DVDs.

In addition, it facilitates hands-free calling via Bluetooth.

A large 6.1-inch screen displays menu choices for audio as well as video, and provides the visuals for navigation. Mapping for 26 countries with 1.5 million POI is supplied on DVD.

The AVIC-D3BT will be on sale for £1300.

In addition, Pioneer has announced its entire range of in-car audio systems, including the top-of-the-range DEH-P85BT.

The good-looking, grey and blue-lit device plays audio from your iPod and other MP3 players, letting you view tracks on its small display.

It also features Bluetooth so you can listen to streamed tracks or make calls, as your mobile's phone book can be transferred to the device.

An Automatic Sound Leveliser also monitors background noise to adjust audio in the car, so when you come off the noisy motorway, it turns down the volume.

The DEH-P85BT will be available in May for around £400.

The DEH-3900MP, Pioneer's entry-level model, will retail for £100, and also provides MP3 playback as well as CD audio.

Slightly above that is the DEH-P40MP, on sale for £130, which adds a P-Bus input and a Direct Sub Drive for an additional sub.

The DEH-P6900IB, which jumps to £250, adds a display so you can view your audio tracks, as well as the Automatic Sound Leveliser and six mode equalisers.

And finally, there's the £280 DEH-P65BT, for those who also want Bluetooth phone functionality.